Wednesday, July 23, 2014

"I'll Go To My Grave Loving You"...

The year was 1975.  My sweet, gentle Dad had heard this song on the radio and asked me if I could find the record for him.  He loved my Mama dearly and he loved this song.  At the time, I was not a fan of country music - and definitely not a fan of the Statler Brothers - but I bought a tape player and the song for him (and a few others).

I watched as he listened to the sweet harmony and the words of the song...and his eyes teared up.  The next thing I know there's a tear trailing down my cheek.

He did go to his grave loving Mama and his four daughters and all his grandchildren and great-grandchildren...four years before Mama.

I think about this song from time to time...and about Daddy's love for and commitment to his family.  I'm thankful for that legacy.


The photo below was taken about 1952 at the Memorial Gardens Cemetery.  I wrote a post entitled "All Too Soon" and the years on Mamie Road about it here.

This was originally posted in my daily blog, Sweet Journey Home, on July 23, 2014.