Sunday, February 17, 2013

Remembering Daddy...

Today is Daddy's birthday.  I am wondering if birthdays are celebrated in Heaven. If so - and I'm inclined to think they are - then Mama, Daddy, my sisters Dot and Gerry, Bill - my husband of 39 years and his parents Frank and Bobbie, my maternal and paternal grandparents and all the host of family and friends who've gone before are celebrating this sweet and gentle man's life.

Time has eased the deep pain of losing each of my parents, but I miss them still.   I miss my sisters.  I miss hearing their voices and their sweet counsel whenever I shared a problem or decision I was facing.  I especially miss the times we four sisters had together and all the laughter.  I'm thankful that my sister Eunice remains on this earth with me and I've told her that I have to go first!  Funny, I know, but I was serious!

Christmas of 2011, I had (most of) this blog professionally published as a gift for my children, grandchildren, my sister Eunice and all my nieces and nephews.  Needless to say, it was an expensive Christmas but well worth it.  I'm better at expressing myself on paper than in person and I wanted my children to know as many of the stories that I could remember.

I'm thankful for a legacy that may not have included an abundance of possessions...but a great deal of love.

Photo above:  My youngest with my Dad - his "Papaw" - when he was about three years old.