Friday, November 7, 2008

The boy across the street...

I can't remember when Larry and his family first moved in across the street...Larry, his older brother, two younger brothers and his parents. Not long after they moved there, his Dad died suddenly. I don't remember if his Mom went to work after that, but I'm assuming that she did. I do remember seeing Larry and his older brother frying chicken for their supper and caring for their younger brothers.

I don't know what it was about Larry. Maybe it was that James Dean look, but I was certainly drawn to him...crazy about him. We weren't in the same crowd at school. I was yearbook staff, honor society and Bible Club. He was sports and, most likely, a faster crowd I'd say. Larry and I would sit on my front porch and talk for what seemed like hours or take a long walk around the neighborhood block and talk some more.

After graduation, Larry joined the Air Force and went to basic training. I think I got a post card or two from him after he left. I finished my senior year of high school and went away to a Baptist College in Mississippi. On one of my first visits home from school, my roommate and I took the train home. My parents met us at the train station and told me that Larry was home on a brief furlough. They said he asked them if he could pick me up at the train station, but they had said about disappointment! At any rate, he came over as soon as we arrived home. If memory serves me right, we had a date that the movies...along with my roommate and a friend of his.

I went back to college and he went back to the Air Force. Time marched on, and I heard he had married a couple of years later. I've often wondered what happened to Larry. I hope he's had a good life...a happy one. I've also wondered if he still looks like James Dean. I think I'd rather remember Larry that's best I don't know if he's bald and fat now.